What’s in Week Five?

October 16th, 2014

A loaded share this week!  Robust and packed with a wide variety of some new and fun produce I’m sure you will enjoy for fall cooking!

IMG_1708We have Sweet Potatoes for your shares this week!  Plan on using these sweet beauties up soon.  Our sweet potatoes are fresh and they do not last long, so plan on using them up within the first few weeks for best flavor and of course, they are healthier right after coming out of the ground.  Have you checked out the price of produce in the grocery store?  I rarely buy much produce, but occasionally will check out the prices.  Right now sweet potatoes are $4 a pound!  eek!  And that’s not even organic! Some of our Sweet potatoes weigh over 4 pounds…..A $16 sweet potato???  Oh my…

Turnips are looking so beautiful this week and will be ready for this weeks share.  If you don’t like turnips, you haven’t had sweet fall white turnips.  The greens are also great for sauteing, so don’t waste them.  And so good for you too!  Roast them with other vegetables like winter squash, carrots, roma tomatoes or parsnips.  Drizzle them with a little olive oil, sprinkle with fresh thyme leaves…ummmm

Butternut winter squash is harvested and will be added to your basket as well this week along with mixed salad greens, peanuts, tomatoes, bell peppers and some other miscellaneous produce and herbs (thyme, cilantro & tarragon).


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