Week 6 of Spring Shares

Spring shares are almost finished. We have two more weeks left then summer shares begin.

So this is the last week for spinach because it is all starting to bolt. It will be missed but it will be back when it cools down again.

What you will find in your basket this week….

Big bag of lettuce


Black radishes




Snap peas

And there is a extra box that has herbs, purple top turnips, parsnips, garlic scapes and leeks.

Week 5 of spring


Morning y’all! Its the first day of the whole week that is hasn’t been windy, how great is that? makes me want to go out and weed the garden or plant something. Ok just be outside in general with my cute little garden hat, racer back tank top ( gotta work on my non existent tan some how) and some warm garden soil to play in. Maybe I can turn my dead dirt front yard from a construction zone into a garden oasis like at Ali’s.

Shares this week have so many fun new foods and the fridge is busting at the seems! So bring an extra big bag to get some more yumminess while we got it.





Snow pea




Week 4 of Spring Shares

We are so grateful for the little bit of moisture we received this last week. we would love more but we will take what we can get! We hope you are all enjoying your baskets thus far.

What you will fine in this week’s basket….




Big bag of lettuce

Baby celery

Salad turnip


Week 3 of Spring Share

Spring is such a fun time of the year with all of the new flowers blooming, plants growing to their full potential and all the new leaves on the trees. We would love to see more rain and less wind but i guess we have to take the good with the bad.

What you will find in this week’s basket….




Mustard greens




And a you pick bag of greens.

Week 2 of Spring Shares

We mostly survived the frost that came through on Tuesday! Hopefully all of you that have a garden did too. We would like to wish everyone a Hoppy Happy Easter!!

What you will find in this week’s basket….

A Large Bag of Lettuce




Mixed greens


Chinese Cabbage

Week 1 of Spring Share

Welcome to the first week of spring shares!!

We are excited to have all these beautiful greens! This warmer weather has been so nice and has made the greens go crazy. We hope you will enjoy your spring shares. See you soon!

What you will find in your basket this week…..



Mixed Greens




Shares Start This Thursday! April 7th

Here we are about to start the 2022 CSA year! This Thursday! Don’t forget to bring a basket to put you produce in. Pick up is after 2 pm.

We will have kale, lettuce, asparagus and other great spring crops. As much as I know you would love to know what we will have in advance, we don’t always know. It will depend on each week, the weather and the plants/vegetables decide in the end!

We will see you soon for the beginning of a great season!


2022 spring shares are fulfilled, but we still have summer and fall shares open. Just go take a look at the shares tab. This year is going to be great! We have been revamping the beds with lots of love and care. Kira has a new garden area after not having much space the last few years. She is increasing the growing area by 200 percent from years past. I will say she is very ambitious! I really appreciate the growing help I get from my daughters (Chelsea and Kira) and I’m sure you do as well. They both grow with the same organic practices I do, which is no chemicals, amending the soil with rich compost, minerals and organic food for the plants, along with companion planting and creating a healthy environment for beneficial insects. What does that mean? healthier food for you to consume with more vitamins and minerals!

Thank you for your support!

Artisan Bread Today!

Thursday, February 3rd we will have Artisan Bread and Gourmet cookies!

Bread flavors

Lemon Thyme. Made with our farm fresh thyme and our organic Meyer lemon zest.

Onion. Made with our farm fresh onions sautéed in herbs, olive oil and ghee.


Cranberry white chocolate

Lemon Thyme Artisan Bread

Last week of fall shares

Herb rack

This is our last week of shares ( except for the 2 week extension for those of you who bought in to that). It’s been a blast and a half to see you all and hear the excitement when you pick up your basket.

We will still have lots of produce (at least until we freeze hard, then things will slow down a bit) so be sure to swing by and check out the cold room often.

For shares we are channeling our inner Christmas spirit (like the big box stores do about this time of year hahaha. ) and going with a a color theme of red green and yellow. Really….that wasn’t planned. it’s just was a happy accident.


Sweet potatoes

Yukon gold or red potatoes





Cantaloupe – let it sit on the counter for a few days to finish ripening. They got picked to early because of the frost)

Kombucha squash -you can pick either sunrise red or green.

And as always PLEASE PLEASE take a big bag of peppers. we are drowning in them!

Thank you for supporting us and our farm

Lots of love and happy vibes Ali, Kira and Chelsea