What’s in Week Three?

October 2nd, 1014

Thanks the Chelsea last week for putting the baskets together while I was out of town!

This week we will be pulling Yukon gold potatoes out of the ground.  They look great!   These are great roasted with rosemary and little butter and sea salt.  We are planning on beets, bag of mixed greens, Israeli Melon, eggplant, pomegranates and hopefully some summer squash.   I will post a great pomegranate and eggplant recipe on the sidebar later, so keep an eye out!  Tomatoes, slicing and roma.  Pumpkin!

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE EXTRA BOX THIS WEEK!  There are extra melons, beans, carrots and hot peppers!

In later weeks to come we will be having lots of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, potatoes, assorted winter squash, green onions, varieties of lettuce, persimmons, apples, pears, quince………

What’s in Week Two

September 25th:

This week Chelsea is in charge of shares…Same time, same place, new food!

This week will be loaded with some yummy staples for the pantry.

Garlic, gourmet cipollini onions and shallots!  Fresh Bay leaves you can use fresh or dry for later use.  Spaghetti squash and possible summer squash.  A mix of kale for juicing, sauteing or making kale chips or kale salad (we’ll post a recipe).  Slicing tomatoes and possible cherry tomatoes.  Fresh Carrots (silly, of course fresh) great cooked in some honey.  We are sending you with a small sample of our local honey to try as well.  Beans if we are lucky this week, but they are few and far between right now!  Grilling peppers (Ancho & Santa Fe) and sweet peppers.  Cilantro and beet micro-greens are growing now for you in week two!

This week our herb will be Stevia.  It’s 400 times sweeter than sugar!  So much better for you.  It’s great added to smoothies green or fruit.  If you don’t want to use it right now, dry it on the stem and once dry, crumple the dry leaves off the stem and save for later.  Remember, a little goes a long way!

Sometimes when we put together a share, there may an item missing.  This could be because it wasn’t ready like were hoping for or some other reason.  But don’t worry, we will make up for it!

As the week goes on we’ll add to the list!

Exchange & Extras Box

We thought an exchange box would be a fun addition to our shares!  Each week we will have a box that members may leave something or take something for times you may find something in your share that you have a strong dislike for and someone else may enjoy more.  Also, we will have an extra box…This box may not be there every week, but at times you will find some produce that may be an extra that you are welcome to take. Things like an extra melon that was ripe that week and couldn’t wait till next week, an extra bag of green beans, or maybe just items we only had a few of and didn’t include in our shares.  One item please, so we are fair to other share holders!  See y’all soon!


What’s in Week One?

September 18th:

Week one of our fall Shares will be loaded.  These baskets will make you eat healthy, feel better and give you new inspiration…  We will include some great recipes we love and I’m sure they are something you haven’t tried!

Week one includes a mix of micro-greens.  These are loaded with flavor, nutrition and leaves you feeling good!  Add micro-greens to salads or sprinkle over a sandwich.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rinse these guys!  They always have a few seeds and dirt that sticks to them.

A mix of garden greens, the first this fall.  Tender butter-crunch lettuce and hardier romaine, spinach, and other tasty salad greens and of course some delish mixes of cherry tomatoes. Add your microgreens over the top if you wish!

Tomatoes, Onions, jalapeno.  Sounds like salsa time!
Tomatillos! Hey I have a great panini recipe to share with you later this week you could use your Tomatillos in.
Looks like you will get a mix of tomatoes, slicing and San Marzano. San Marzano tomatoes are great for making salsa, sauces or just slicing then drying and using them later in the winter for “Sun Dried Tomatoes” It’s easy! Just slice, dry in a food dehydrator or in a very low temp oven and when you want to use them, you can soak them in olive oil for 24 hours! They’re great!

Summer Squash will also be on the menu this week. Make zucchini bread, grill or saute!

Eggplant! Have you ever tried little fingers eggplant? It’s one of my favorites.

Looks like Melons!!!  Peaches!!!

And We Are Off and Running!

CSA vegetables

Veg Out!

For over 20 years we have provided organic fruits and vegetables for Southern Utah at Farmers Markets, other neighboring CSA’s and right from our gardens.  We decided to keep it fresh and very local and start our own CSA. NO GMO’s!  Alway fresh, always organic!  We offer a wide variety of fruits during the summer and fall mixed in your baskets.  While we will be starting out this fall on a smaller scale, we will be booming into offering more baskets spring of 2015!  You will experience delicious flavors from our rare, unusual and beautiful heirlooms!  Come back and visit us for tips on our vegetable we offer in our baskets.  There’s always something new!