What’s in Week Four?

October 9th, 2014

Wow the weeks are zipping past us!  I hope everyone is enjoying the fall harvests so far!  This week we are planning for tomatillos, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, summer squash, onions (this will be the last of the onions) Santa Fe peppers (hot), garlic,  green beans, basil and chard.

We are busy this week putting in more greens, brassica and garlic.  Over 50 tasty varieties of garlic go into the ground on and as close to the full moon as possible.  Harvest for most garlic varieties begins early June. Look for Extra Early Chinese Pink!  It’s my favorite and is truly early, being harvested in May!

Winter squash is being harvested for later weeks, along with more potatoes.  Sweet potatoes may be in next weeks shares along with apples!  Don’t you just love fall foods?  Greens will start to become a part of your weekly shares as the cooler weather is favored for these crops.


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