What’s in Week Ten?

Desert Sage CSA Basket

CSA Share Basket

November 20th, 2014

We would like to thank all our share holders. You made our CSA run smoothly by picking up on time, being considerate of others, sharing your recipes and just being so kind.
Can you believe our fall share has come to an end this week? This weeks share will include Thanksgiving produce. Two pie pumpkins for pies! We don’t think one is enough. One of our garlic braids will be included. Keep these hung in your kitchen and cut off garlic as needed from the bottom up. Garlic will remain firm for several months, lasting you through winter unless your like me and add garlic to everything. Fresh tender leeks! Saute, grill or make delicious leek soup. Leeks are great in stuffing as well. A mix of red and gold Irish potatoes. A mix of hardy herbs that will be good in stuffing, potatoes or whatever you wish. More Pecans this week. Sounds like pecan pie!! This week we picking many greens for your share. Lettuce, kale, chard and other mixes if our weather holds. Want to try something new? We are including a few Quince fruit. Be creative! While it is not eatable raw, it’s great in chutneys, relishes and preserves. It isn’t a popular fruit, but it an old time Thanksgiving tradition.  Pecans and persimmons as well.

Follow up for our Summer CSA Shares which are now open to reserve….

Our family wishes you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

What’s in Week Nine?

November 13th, 2014

The weeks are whizzing by fast! We are already looking to week nine. Our shares for the ninth week will include our over abundant chard (but lovely), tender carrots, broccoli, pecans, persimmons, one new variety of winter squash and one old, tart deep red Wonderful Pomegranates, turnips, a mix of mild and hot peppers (last peppers of the season), a few tomatoes, lemon grass and ginger root. As the week continues we may add more to the list. Looking to roast peppers for the freezer? We will have an extra bag of ancho and Anaheim peppers available for share holders who would like to put them to use.

What’s in Week Eight?

November 6th, 2014

Here we are at week seven all ready. November is a month of feast or famine. Generally we freeze near the beginning of the month wiping out all our summer crops, but we just squeaked by with a little covering of frost blanket Monday and Tuesday mornings to prolong our harvest just a little longer into the month.
November is Persimmon month! Who doesn’t love persimmons? Probably those who haven’t tried them….OR, those who have eaten them under or over ripe. Fuyu Persimmons (flat shape) are my favorite. I love them chopped in a salad, as we did last night…Well most of them didn’t make it to the plate as we had a family dinner and my mother and I proceeded to keep stealing them out of the bowl. I hope nobody else wanted them. They are great eaten like an apple or sliced and drizzled with a little sweet balsamic vinegar. Hachiya Persimmons (conical shape) are best when they are soft and made into puddings or breads. Some like to “suck” the pulp right out of the skin, but make sure they are very soft for best flavor! Both varieties are great sliced thinly while they are still firm and then dried. They are like a sweet treat chip! Both can keep a long time, even up to Christmas if kept in a cool place, but not refrigerated. Strangely, cats and dogs seem to enjoy them as well! Haha, how would I know that? From experience, KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM PETS! They will slurp the persimmon pulp right out of the skins and leave you nothing for your Thanksgiving dinner! dirty little stinkers!
Also this week we have sweet potatoes, small Granny Smith apples, cherry tomatoes (may be the last week for these), arugula, the last of our sweet bell peppers, mixed greens, cilantro, and a few other miscellaneous items.

What to look forward to the last two weeks of your shares? Pie pumpkins, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner, leeks, turnips, broccoli, abundant greens, more persimmons and winter squash. We are hoping for ginger root and lemongrass in one of these weeks. Great for Thai foods or just making a tea to sip in the evening after dinner. We have also reserved one of our garlic braids for your last basket! Happy Fall, Ya’ll!