Shares Now Available!

2021 is only a few days away! This week we are busy in the greenhouses with our spring CSA starts. Yes! already! Lettuces, spinach, kale, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower (whites, orange, greens and purples) and all those yummy spring crops! We are looking forward a wonderful 2021 season!

Shares are now open.


While it’s chilly outside we still have produce to keep you healthy and happy through the winter months!

Sweet carrots and parnsips sweetened by the winter freeze. Sweet potatoes, onions, leeks, quince, potatoes, spinach, arugula, mustard greens, pak choy, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, winter squash and other veggies are just a few things growing in the gardens or greenhouses this winter. Come visit us Tuesday through Thursday 10 am to 4:30 pm to stock of on winter goodness!

Thank you for all of our wonderful customers/friends throughout the years!

Week 8 of fall shares

The last basket

This is the last share of the season and we want to thank your from the bottom of our baskets for supporting our CSA program this year. As weird of a year as 2020 has been we have loved seeing you come by every week and get your basket and to perhaps try a fruit or veggie you would not have other wise tried before.

There will still be produce available in the cold room ( as long as we can grow stuff) if you want to swing by stills

We hope to see you all next season thanks a million everyone !

Baskets this week are….

Assorted peppers

Bay leaves


Purple sweet potatoes

Pie pumpkin





Week 7 of fall shares

Bronze turkeys

One more week left after this, so be sure to mark your calendar!

Green onions

Green beans

Red delicious apples

Sweet potatoes

Arugula or Swiss chard



Delicata squash

And lots of extra produce if you want some

Week 6 of fall shares

Fall leaves and acorns

I have to say this is the most “Fall “ basket we have done so far! And you have almost the whole food pyramid! Only thing missing is the sugar and fat section, (but that is easily remedied with a homemade apple pie). Make the rest of the basket into a fall stir fry or creamy kombucha soup with a side of salad and diced tomatoes and you have your self a fantastic meal!

So…. for your 6th week basket we have

Red delicious Apples

Red Potaotes

Green onions

Orange kombucha squash






Week 5 of Fall shares

We are over half way though the Fall share season. With only three weeks left we are feeling the crunch to loaded you up with as much as we can of fall goodness.

So for this week have….

Spaghetti squash





Sweet potatoes


Week 4 of Fall baskets

Fall is in the air, can you feel it? Maybe I’m just being hopeful after a summer that seemed to last an eternity…. but I’m crossing my fingers that we are headed for cool weather, fire pits and cozy sweaters.

Baskets include…



Kaboocha squash





Week 3 of fall shares

Zen room

My heavens! what a windstorm/cold front that was! Hopefully your home avoided any damage from fallen trees or ripped off shingles. That wind sure wreaked havoc on the poor garden this week. But luckily we have a lot of root crop/ hardy veggies that were ready and escaped the wicked wind.

On that note we have for you in shares this week…..


Carnival squash






Week 2 of fall shares

Big/Little helpers

We are really getting into the fall spirit over here at the garden. We have a bunch of new starts going in and a lot of beginning fall harvest coming out and going in your basket. I think you will be quite happy with today’s harvest.

Acorn squash

Sweet corn

Green beans

Sweet potatoes



Red pears

Week 1 of Fall shares

What a CRAZY random thunderstorm we had this last week! But on the bright side fall is almost officially here. There is almost a hint of it on the wind today. (Or it’s my hopeful mind playing tricks on me because I am so done with this heat wave.)

Shares include…..

Butternut squash

White onion


Bosc pear

Yukon potatoes




And be sure to grab a melon out of the crate there wasn’t room in the actual basket.

Thanks for supporting your local farm