Week 7 of Spring Shares

There is only one more week of spring shares. Next week we will have more cherries and they will be even sweeter!!

What you will find in your basket this week…

Green onions


Leeks or zucchini




Beets or salad turnips


Onions as an extra

Week 6 of Spring Shares

Wow only two more weeks left!

What you will find in your basket this week…




Baby spinach

Large leaf spinach, great for sautéing


Shelling peas


Green onions

Horseradish, as an extra

Week 5 of Spring Shares

The warmer weather has been nice and is helping a lot of veggies take off. We are excited to harvest garlic this week for our garlic breading class!

What you will find in your basket this week…

Spring mix



Fingerling potatoes


Mustard greens, chard or kale


Plus an extra

Week three of spring

Hey all! Baskets are FINALLY done for the day. With the increase of people putting in gardens for the first time or expanding existing gardens this year, it has been a mad scramble to conquer shares, answer phones and help customers. We love it though, its good to see people happy to grow there own yummy food.



Garlic scapes

Swiss chard

Snap peas


Watermelon radish


Week 1 of Spring Shares 2020

Welcome to week one of our spring shares! Don’t forget to bring something to transfer your produce in.

What you will find in this weeks basket… broccoli, spring greens, radishes, watermelon radish, dill, leeks, carrots and chard.

If the weather cooperates then next week we will have asparagus and rhubarb as a choice. 

Early Spring Share?

We are offering an early share for those who are signed up for spring shares. You can opt out of April 16th share and get a share this week. We would be happy to put them together. There is a wide variety of veggies we know you’ll like. Please text us if you would like d this option. 435-200-4769.

Spring? Winter?

Yes, it is that time of year again. One day it is 70 degrees, the sun is shinning, we are working in the garden, planting seeds and the next….snow flurries, high winds, 26 degrees and looking for the frost blankets! This is how we roll in Hurricane Valley! Nothing new, just the transition from winter to longer days of spring coming near.

This week we made much headway in the gardens. Peas, brassica crops and many greens were planted. Some are under frost blankets and some left to fend for themselves. We always look forward the the renewal of the gardening year by the first little seedlings popping their heads through the garden soil we attended to early in the year with compost, kelp, rock dust and much love.

This week we have a garden/farm tour of our little place and we are looking forward to meeting many new friends.

For 2020 we are excited about many new crops we will be introducing to our shares. Asparagus should be presenting itself in a month. We are already harvesting Cheddar cheese cauliflower, broccolini, lettuces, mesclun mixes, mustard greens, chard and other wonderful greens. Please stop by for some fresh garden goodness! We have had a wonderful mild winter this year which has blessed us with abundance.

Gardening classes will start up the first week in March. If you want to grow a great garden in 2020, come learn how. Here is a link to our garden classes.

It’s time to plant peas! Here is a link to help you learn more about planting peas and having success.

We have only a couple of full season shares left at this point and 1 spring share. So, jump to it if you’d like to join this year. You can find where to sign up under the shares tab or click here.

Watch for our “Add-on” shares coming. This year we will be doing micro greens small and large shares. This will be ready each week when you pick up your baskets. Each week we will be growing different healthy micro



2020 Shares Are Now Available!

Click the shares tab to sign up for our 2020 CSA Shares.  We are already getting ready for our spring shares.  Dates are also listed on this page. Ground is being prepped, peas go in the ground next week, row cover will be placed over many of our beds to get a jump start on a variety of greens and we feel fresh and excited for a new year!   We are growing many new crops this year for you to try as well as the beloved vegetables.  We are looking forward to seeing our old and new friends once again!  Have a healthy, Happy New Year!