Week 4 of spring shares 2021

Wow I really dropped the ball last week! I thought I wrote up the blog and posted it with a cute little picture of something springtime looking. (But apparently I did it only in my head and forgot to actually push publish.) Kind of like when you read a text think of a reply but forget to actually reply and wonder why they never text you back. Yeah……

Anyways I didn’t forget this time and we have a very full fun basket for you this week it’s got;




Salad turnips



Fennel (you can use the stalks and leaves roasted with the carrots. It’s really good)

Daikon radish

Week 2 of spring shares 2021 edition

The bees are back

Well we started off the week with a wonderful spring day. Then suddenly we hit the brakes and back tracked rather quickly to windy winter, with 2 nights of freezing temperatures. Now we are back to blissful spring weather. Oh southern Utah, you crazy place, make up your mind!

Oh well, at least you know that we are consistent in providing you the best of the garden every week. And this week we have for your cooking pleasure…….




Mixed salad greens


Green onions

Bok choy

We love when you share your yummy recipes with us and with each other. It’s always fun to try something new.

First week of spring 2021 CSA shares

Hello all, welcome to another (going to be great) year of our CSA shares. We are so excited to share our farm bounty with you, and hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy growing it.

We have quite a first basket planned for you. It includes…..








Thanks again for supporting us and our desire to bring our community great quality and healthy farm produce

Spring Shares!

It’s time for spring shares to begin! Mark your calendar for pick up this Thursday, March 25th. Pick up between 2 and 6 pm.

Don’t forget to bring a basket or bag to put your produce in.

If you missed out on spring, we have a few spots left for summer and fall.

We will see you soon!!!

Shares Now Available!

2021 is only a few days away! This week we are busy in the greenhouses with our spring CSA starts. Yes! already! Lettuces, spinach, kale, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower (whites, orange, greens and purples) and all those yummy spring crops! We are looking forward a wonderful 2021 season!

Shares are now open.


While it’s chilly outside we still have produce to keep you healthy and happy through the winter months!

Sweet carrots and parnsips sweetened by the winter freeze. Sweet potatoes, onions, leeks, quince, potatoes, spinach, arugula, mustard greens, pak choy, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, winter squash and other veggies are just a few things growing in the gardens or greenhouses this winter. Come visit us Tuesday through Thursday 10 am to 4:30 pm to stock of on winter goodness!

Thank you for all of our wonderful customers/friends throughout the years!

Week 8 of fall shares

The last basket

This is the last share of the season and we want to thank your from the bottom of our baskets for supporting our CSA program this year. As weird of a year as 2020 has been we have loved seeing you come by every week and get your basket and to perhaps try a fruit or veggie you would not have other wise tried before.

There will still be produce available in the cold room ( as long as we can grow stuff) if you want to swing by stills

We hope to see you all next season thanks a million everyone !

Baskets this week are….

Assorted peppers

Bay leaves


Purple sweet potatoes

Pie pumpkin





Week 7 of fall shares

Bronze turkeys

One more week left after this, so be sure to mark your calendar!

Green onions

Green beans

Red delicious apples

Sweet potatoes

Arugula or Swiss chard



Delicata squash

And lots of extra produce if you want some

Week 6 of fall shares

Fall leaves and acorns

I have to say this is the most “Fall “ basket we have done so far! And you have almost the whole food pyramid! Only thing missing is the sugar and fat section, (but that is easily remedied with a homemade apple pie). Make the rest of the basket into a fall stir fry or creamy kombucha soup with a side of salad and diced tomatoes and you have your self a fantastic meal!

So…. for your 6th week basket we have

Red delicious Apples

Red Potaotes

Green onions

Orange kombucha squash






Week 5 of Fall shares

We are over half way though the Fall share season. With only three weeks left we are feeling the crunch to loaded you up with as much as we can of fall goodness.

So for this week have….

Spaghetti squash





Sweet potatoes