What’s in Week Six?

October 23rd

Some “for sure” produce this week.

Nothing says fall like apples!  This week we are loading you up with apples.  Make some juice, bake a pie or just have a snack!  Most apples will be winesap.  These are great keepers and excellent for cooking.

More pomegranates!  I love to add these to salads as well as eat raw.  This share is almost a fruit share…..

Greens!  Several mixed greens as well as a bag of salad green.  Are you sick of cherry tomatoes yet?  Well don’t be, because before you know it they will be gone with the colder days of fall and frosts…Whenever he shows his face!  So, yes more cherry tomatoes this week.

Herbs this week will be basil and fennel leaves.  Add fennel to anything you roast for a great interesting flavor.  You can also dry it, make tea (which is good for belly aches) or toss with salads.

Of course more items will be added when we put the baskets together.


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