What’s in Week Seven?

October 30th

Burr…Those cooler mornings we have had this past week reminds us that our first freeze is near. Forecast for this weekend shows 31 degrees, so we will be bringing out the frost covers to extend out season just a little longer.
This week we planning on peas, but found a pest has devoured them…..Oh dear, that pest is related to me…my daughter. But, our shares will be full of red potatoes, rome beauty apples (great for applesauce), pak choy, broccoli or greens, garlic, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, roma and slicing tomatoes, sweet peppers.


What’s in Week Six?

October 23rd

Some “for sure” produce this week.

Nothing says fall like apples!  This week we are loading you up with apples.  Make some juice, bake a pie or just have a snack!  Most apples will be winesap.  These are great keepers and excellent for cooking.

More pomegranates!  I love to add these to salads as well as eat raw.  This share is almost a fruit share…..

Greens!  Several mixed greens as well as a bag of salad green.  Are you sick of cherry tomatoes yet?  Well don’t be, because before you know it they will be gone with the colder days of fall and frosts…Whenever he shows his face!  So, yes more cherry tomatoes this week.

Herbs this week will be basil and fennel leaves.  Add fennel to anything you roast for a great interesting flavor.  You can also dry it, make tea (which is good for belly aches) or toss with salads.

Of course more items will be added when we put the baskets together.

What’s in Week Five?

October 16th, 2014

A loaded share this week!  Robust and packed with a wide variety of some new and fun produce I’m sure you will enjoy for fall cooking!

IMG_1708We have Sweet Potatoes for your shares this week!  Plan on using these sweet beauties up soon.  Our sweet potatoes are fresh and they do not last long, so plan on using them up within the first few weeks for best flavor and of course, they are healthier right after coming out of the ground.  Have you checked out the price of produce in the grocery store?  I rarely buy much produce, but occasionally will check out the prices.  Right now sweet potatoes are $4 a pound!  eek!  And that’s not even organic! Some of our Sweet potatoes weigh over 4 pounds…..A $16 sweet potato???  Oh my…

Turnips are looking so beautiful this week and will be ready for this weeks share.  If you don’t like turnips, you haven’t had sweet fall white turnips.  The greens are also great for sauteing, so don’t waste them.  And so good for you too!  Roast them with other vegetables like winter squash, carrots, roma tomatoes or parsnips.  Drizzle them with a little olive oil, sprinkle with fresh thyme leaves…ummmm

Butternut winter squash is harvested and will be added to your basket as well this week along with mixed salad greens, peanuts, tomatoes, bell peppers and some other miscellaneous produce and herbs (thyme, cilantro & tarragon).

What’s in Week Four?

October 9th, 2014

Wow the weeks are zipping past us!  I hope everyone is enjoying the fall harvests so far!  This week we are planning for tomatillos, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, summer squash, onions (this will be the last of the onions) Santa Fe peppers (hot), garlic,  green beans, basil and chard.

We are busy this week putting in more greens, brassica and garlic.  Over 50 tasty varieties of garlic go into the ground on and as close to the full moon as possible.  Harvest for most garlic varieties begins early June. Look for Extra Early Chinese Pink!  It’s my favorite and is truly early, being harvested in May!

Winter squash is being harvested for later weeks, along with more potatoes.  Sweet potatoes may be in next weeks shares along with apples!  Don’t you just love fall foods?  Greens will start to become a part of your weekly shares as the cooler weather is favored for these crops.

Seeding Pomegranates

Here is quick help for seeding your pomegranates.  Cut the pomegranate into two horizontal pieces.  Hold one half over a bowl with the cut side against the palm of your hand and use the back of a wooden spoon or a rolling pin to gently knock on the pomegranate skin.  Continue beating with increasing force until the seeds start coming out naturally and falling through your fingers into the bowl.  When all seeds have been removed, sift through the seeds and remove any bits of white skin or membrane.