Week 7 of spring shares

May strawberries

I have a love hate relation with southern Utah. ( I am a native born and breed here too) There are days I am so grateful to live in this beautiful area. With our unique landscape, adventure opportunities, and where we can grow so many things a lot sooner than a lot of other areas can…… But on the other hand we have some pretty extreme wind and heat and pests to contend with! Oh well, appreciate the good, deal with the bad, take everything one day at a time and life will go on.

For your baskets this week we are splurging a little, with some first if the season items and a couple repeats.

We hope you have enjoyed your baskets so far, we only have one basket left in the spring season, before we make the heavy transition to summer garden.

Garlic scapes



Herb bag; dill, rosemary, cilantro


Hakurei salad turnip




And if I forgot to list something it will be a surprise for you


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