Week 6 of spring shares 2021


That little 1/2 inch of rain we got at the beginning of the week sure was nice. I just wish it was about 3 times that amount!

On the garlic scapes if your not sure what to do with them here is some ideas…..

Grill then with other veggies

Make them into a pesto

Substitute for actual garlic

Chop, Freeze,and use in soups

If you don’t want them, let us know and we will gladly use them ourselves


Garlic scapes


Red cabbage



Fresh pulled pearl onions -you can cut the tops and let them dry out or use the whole thing from greens to bulb

Week 5 of spring shares

Little helpers

Busy bees and busy kids! That’s the theme for this whole week! It’s been good though, we have been getting a lot of plants and seed started in the garden for summer shares, a duck run to help with bug control and produce out the wazoo! we like to stay busy.

We have lots of produce in the fridge (to the point where the doors don’t want to close). It took a lot of my tetras playing skills to make it work out. So be warned open the doors SLOW!

For week 4 of shares we have a couple repeats items and one or two new things for you to have fun cooking with. The baskets include……

Green onion

Snap peas


Spinach blend

Romanesco cauliflower

Watermelon radish



Also there is a CSA extras basket if you want anything from there feel free to take some

Ugly parsnips

Older carrots

Possible more to add to as we go

Week 4 of spring shares 2021

Wow I really dropped the ball last week! I thought I wrote up the blog and posted it with a cute little picture of something springtime looking. (But apparently I did it only in my head and forgot to actually push publish.) Kind of like when you read a text think of a reply but forget to actually reply and wonder why they never text you back. Yeah……

Anyways I didn’t forget this time and we have a very full fun basket for you this week it’s got;




Salad turnips



Fennel (you can use the stalks and leaves roasted with the carrots. It’s really good)

Daikon radish

Week 2 of spring shares 2021 edition

The bees are back

Well we started off the week with a wonderful spring day. Then suddenly we hit the brakes and back tracked rather quickly to windy winter, with 2 nights of freezing temperatures. Now we are back to blissful spring weather. Oh southern Utah, you crazy place, make up your mind!

Oh well, at least you know that we are consistent in providing you the best of the garden every week. And this week we have for your cooking pleasure…….




Mixed salad greens


Green onions

Bok choy

We love when you share your yummy recipes with us and with each other. It’s always fun to try something new.