Week 8 of Summer shares

*Grumpy Pray mantis*

We are on top of our game this week and will have shares done by 10 am! If you want to pick up early, great! If you can’t till your normal pick up time that’s ok too.

This weeks Shares is a little tomato crazy. A lot of my heirloom tomatoes, that I have been waiting to come on all summer, ripened all at once. Plus all the reds that always seem abundant. If that’s not enough tomatoes for you there is over a pound and a half of grape tomatoes that are perfect for vegetarian pizza, green salads, balsamic tomato chicken or just eating straight out of the bag.


  • Bagel peaches( last week of those)
  • Basil
  • Gabriella onion
  • Armanian cucumber 
  • Slicing cucumber 
  • Yellow squash
  • Chinese noodle/ green beans
  • Bell pepper
  • Hot pepper
  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Red tomatoes
  • Cherry/ grape tomatoes 
  • Asian pears

With the pears we have to pick them green otherswise they fall off and are pretty smashed beyond use. So let them sit on the counter till they get a little yellow to them, then enjoy.


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