Last week of fall shares

Herb rack

This is our last week of shares ( except for the 2 week extension for those of you who bought in to that). It’s been a blast and a half to see you all and hear the excitement when you pick up your basket.

We will still have lots of produce (at least until we freeze hard, then things will slow down a bit) so be sure to swing by and check out the cold room often.

For shares we are channeling our inner Christmas spirit (like the big box stores do about this time of year hahaha. ) and going with a a color theme of red green and yellow. Really….that wasn’t planned. it’s just was a happy accident.


Sweet potatoes

Yukon gold or red potatoes





Cantaloupe – let it sit on the counter for a few days to finish ripening. They got picked to early because of the frost)

Kombucha squash -you can pick either sunrise red or green.

And as always PLEASE PLEASE take a big bag of peppers. we are drowning in them!

Thank you for supporting us and our farm

Lots of love and happy vibes Ali, Kira and Chelsea


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