2022 spring shares are fulfilled, but we still have summer and fall shares open. Just go take a look at the shares tab. This year is going to be great! We have been revamping the beds with lots of love and care. Kira has a new garden area after not having much space the last few years. She is increasing the growing area by 200 percent from years past. I will say she is very ambitious! I really appreciate the growing help I get from my daughters (Chelsea and Kira) and I’m sure you do as well. They both grow with the same organic practices I do, which is no chemicals, amending the soil with rich compost, minerals and organic food for the plants, along with companion planting and creating a healthy environment for beneficial insects. What does that mean? healthier food for you to consume with more vitamins and minerals!

Thank you for your support!


Artisan Bread Today!

Thursday, February 3rd we will have Artisan Bread and Gourmet cookies!

Bread flavors

Lemon Thyme. Made with our farm fresh thyme and our organic Meyer lemon zest.

Onion. Made with our farm fresh onions sautéed in herbs, olive oil and ghee.


Cranberry white chocolate

Lemon Thyme Artisan Bread