Last week of fall shares

Herb rack

This is our last week of shares ( except for the 2 week extension for those of you who bought in to that). It’s been a blast and a half to see you all and hear the excitement when you pick up your basket.

We will still have lots of produce (at least until we freeze hard, then things will slow down a bit) so be sure to swing by and check out the cold room often.

For shares we are channeling our inner Christmas spirit (like the big box stores do about this time of year hahaha. ) and going with a a color theme of red green and yellow. Really….that wasn’t planned. it’s just was a happy accident.


Sweet potatoes

Yukon gold or red potatoes





Cantaloupe – let it sit on the counter for a few days to finish ripening. They got picked to early because of the frost)

Kombucha squash -you can pick either sunrise red or green.

And as always PLEASE PLEASE take a big bag of peppers. we are drowning in them!

Thank you for supporting us and our farm

Lots of love and happy vibes Ali, Kira and Chelsea


Today I am perplexed! The forecast shows a pretty good temperature drop… more than likely it will not freeze, but do I risk it??? Plus the wind that is supposed to come In. It says the low with chill will be 36 degrees. My little farm seems to freeze when that is forecasted. I have three peach tree still full of ripe, almost ripe and green peaches. Cantaloupe that is almost ready, peppers by the bushel, eggplant galore, tomatillos, sweet potatoes to be dug, the last of the kaboocha squash to harvest and so on. The last of the pears were harvested this morning. Oh my, they are so good right now! looks like a good share week to me! I don’t think I will gamble! Looks like a crazy busy day here!

While we say goodbye to the summer bounty, we welcome the crops that only get better with a frost. Broccoli is on this week, carrots and parsnips sweeten with colder temperatures. Lettuce, spinach, cilantro, kale and chard will become a winter staple. And all the winter squash will keep for months. Persimmons and quince are just around the corner. I love fall! So be sure to visit us after shares end.

This week have welcomed 7 new Chocolate Runner ducklings to the farm. Mamma duck, keep those little ones warm!

This week is the last of our fall shares. We want to thank all of you for your love and support this season. You may never know all the help you have given us through your support. Thank you all!

Week 7 of Fall Shares

We are posting a day early due to a loss in the family. We will have your shares ready on time tomorrow as we are working right now on them. note we will be closed tomorrow until 1:30. Opening back up in time so there will be no interruption on your pick up time.

What you will find in your baskets this week.

Pie pumpkin

Baby potatoes (more to dig)


Cucumber (last of the season)

Sweet Pomegranates



Bay leaves

You pick box – greens

You pick box- peppers

You pick box- eggplant, salad turnips, carrots or tomatillos.

Next week: this will be our last week of fall shares. We are digging more sweet potatoes and so many other great fall produce… hoping for broccoli!

If you are not ready for shares to end yet, we decided there is so much produce just coming into season that we are doing a mini share. This will last two weeks. Cost is $45. To sign up and this link will take you to paypal. Click here to pay for Mini Share Pick up dates will be October 21st and 28th.

Thanks so much for your support and love!