Week 7 of Fall Shares

We are posting a day early due to a loss in the family. We will have your shares ready on time tomorrow as we are working right now on them. note we will be closed tomorrow until 1:30. Opening back up in time so there will be no interruption on your pick up time.

What you will find in your baskets this week.

Pie pumpkin

Baby potatoes (more to dig)


Cucumber (last of the season)

Sweet Pomegranates



Bay leaves

You pick box – greens

You pick box- peppers

You pick box- eggplant, salad turnips, carrots or tomatillos.

Next week: this will be our last week of fall shares. We are digging more sweet potatoes and so many other great fall produce… hoping for broccoli!

If you are not ready for shares to end yet, we decided there is so much produce just coming into season that we are doing a mini share. This will last two weeks. Cost is $45. To sign up and this link will take you to paypal. Click here to pay for Mini Share Pick up dates will be October 21st and 28th.

Thanks so much for your support and love!


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