Week 8 of summer shares

Too many tomatoes!

We have SO many tomatoes in the store right now we are out of room. Not to mention what is still in the garden. So…. If your looking for something fun to do this weekend I really recommend you try bottling some tomatoes or making tomato sauce or even just eat them for dinner. You know, slice em, dust with a little salt and pepper and sprinkle with layer of mozzarella cheese add a few ribbons of basil, Mmmm!

Now for the real reason you came here…. Shares.

We are trying something a little new today. Kind of an experiment you could say.

We have baskets for you still and they have:

Armenian cucumber

Slicing cucumber

Baby potatoes

Green beans

Tomatoes (of course)


Cherry tomatoes


Now for the experiment part. We have the extras box out, and you get to pick out 2 things to finish off your basket. We didn’t have enough of one thing to make it fair so we are going to let you decide what is fair to you.

There is…..








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