Week 7 of summer shares

Week 7 CSA basket

Oh! Those thunderstorms that have come in have been incredible to watch! I feel a little guilty ( just because he has to get up early for work) but I made my husband go for a walk with me at midnight the first night it rained just so I could enjoy it a little longer. And last nights storm I put off doing my animal chores when I usually do them just so I could be out there watching the lighting spiderweb across the sky.

But back to the real reason you came to the blog today. Your shares! Man oh man they are pretty today. And my son says the food is delicious ( he may or may not be ready for lunch right now).







+ and very full extras basket. Please be mindful of others and only take what you will use.

We hope you all are staying cool during the heatwave and we look forward to seeing you today


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