Week Two of Fall Shares

Ahhh…. What a nice week! It certainly makes growing more of pleasure when those temps drop below 100!

PLEASE NOTE: This fall we will have a basket or two of miscellaneous produce. This is part of your share. Feel free to take what you will use, while being mindful of others. If you take a winter squash, make that be the only thing…if you want fruit, take four or five and maybe a pepper or two. If you are making eggplant Parmesan, take what you need for that! Get the just of it?

This weeks baskets ~

Galia Melon (let this melon develop its full ripeness on the counter for a couple more days)

Spaghetti Squash

Summer Squash

Cherry Tomatoes

Small Onions

Asian Pears

Bell Peppers

Green Beans


Next week we are pulling parsnips and more carrots! These are great roasted together.

Galia Melon


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