Week Three of Fall Shares

Feeling ready for fall? This week is a teeny weeny bit cooler. Thank goodness for fall! If this weeks basket doesn’t make you feel like doing some fall cookin’, then I don’t know what will!

We have been harvesting our winter squash and pumpkins the last few days. As you know, each week we try to have a new winter squash in your baskets. This week is delicata winter squash. You don’t need to peel! Just wash slice and roast with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs and spices of your choice. Delicata is one of our favorites.

What’s in your basket this week? Well, we did some rooting around for it!





Peppers (hot and mild)

Greens ~ look for the greens bag you prefer. They are all a little different in each basket.

Bartlet Pears

Delicata Squash

And of course the extras of your choice!

Next week…Leeks

Two weeks we are hoping the sweet corn will be ready! Very excited for that!


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