Week One of Fall Shares

We have begun!

Fall shares last eight weeks. We strive to have a different winter squash each week. We cure these a few weeks before putting them in your baskets so they have the highest sugar content making them richer tasting. So eat up or save for a later time in the fall.

This week is a transition week in the gardens, so this means there is some variances from basket to basket ~ not all baskets are the same. The difference is; sweet salad turnips, beets or beans. First come first serve. Also we have extra peppers and summer squash you are welcome to take from the basket as you come in the door.

Bad and sad peach crop for us this year. While we were excited for how abundant the peaches were and we provided extra care, the fruit beetles were even more excited for our labors. They devoured anything that had the slightest color. We are hoping for the later Fairtime Peaches to be successful. So needless to say, there are very few peaches in your basket this week.

If you have a need for culinary herbs, we will be happy to cut what you need for your weeks meal prep. Just let us know, and we’ll happily gather it up for you when you arrive (providing it is growing).

This weeks baskets~

Peaches (few)

Asian pears


Bay leaves (can be dried for later soups and dishes)

Butternut squash


Bell peppers

Anaheim peppers

Walla Walla onion


Beans, beets, or hakurei turnip

Plus extras of your choice


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