Week 9 of Summer Shares


Hello my peeps! What a hot day it has been so far. Got up to start picking at 7 and thought I had accidentally slept in till noon because it was so hot and humid out (not really but it makes a good story). So I have a request from you, with it being so hot out I want to try my hand at making Popsicle but with fruit or other things that aren’t 100% sugar and was wondering if you had or knew of any recipes that are totally amazing……… and a very picky toddler will love. Your feed back would be great and much appreciated.

We have a very different basket for you this week, of course there is the summer staples like squash, tomatoes, bell pepper and stuffing peppers, beans,and cucumbers. but we also have lots of new things like spaghetti squash, grapes, apples, potatoes, and an organic lemon! I’m pretty sure I forgot to list something  so we will call it a surprise something in the basket too.

Also there is extra stuff that you can either grab one big thing, like a giant zucchini for bread or a bag of little thing like okra or eggplant. there are other options as well.


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