Mini Stuffed bells

It’s to hot to want to cook anything, so we were scouring cook books trying to find something that is in your basket that wont require much cooking or effort. We came up with mini stuffed bells

what you will need:

  • mini bells (tops cut off and insides scooped out
  • cream cheese
  • hard cheese (brie, blue cheese, fresh Parmesan, etc)
  • herb of your choice finely chopped ( I would recommend something along the lines of chives or thyme or rosemary)

mix together cream cheese, finely grated hard cheese, and herb(s) into a small mixing bowl to the ratio that suits you.

fill an icing bag or a Ziploc (with a small corner cut off) with the cream cheese mixture and fill the peppers almost to the top. Run a skewer through the sides of all the peppers so they will sit up right, and place on the BBQ. Roast until desired done-ness. don’t let them burn. throw on some pounded chicken with your favorite seasoning and ta-da you have dinner ready with not much effort.

Or if you would rather, cut up peaches toss them on the grill with  some red onion ring/slices then put everything on a green salad including the peppers, with some walnuts.

you’re welcome, two dinners on one post.


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