Week two of summer shares

WOW! it has been a very hot week with not much motivation to be outside in the garden or outside in general. But because we love what we do, we still go out and do it, also there is the promise of some of the first ripe tomatoes on the vine if we do go out, always a plus! Which brings us to this weeks basket and all the happiness it contains. You will find apricots, beets, fava beans, garlic, kale, mixed potatoes, an onion, pie cherries, and pluots. So many possibilities for so  many recipes and we would love to hear from you what your favorite ones are. Either bring your recipe to us and we will post it with your name or post a comment to our blog.

On some of the produce you will be getting this week there are a coupling things that need to be mentioned.

  1. there will be a later post on the fava beans on how to double shell them.
  2. if you don’t want the pie cherries please don’t take them. they are a royal pain to pick and we will gladly use them.
  3. use the potatoes fairly soon because they are “NEW” potatoes and wont keep for very long.
  4. also the solid purple potatoes (yes they are dark purple all the way through and yes they are normal) are better used as mashed potatoes instead of baked. learn from my mistake.

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