Week Two of Summer Shares

 It’s hot out there!  Keep hydrated and eat lots of fruit!  We are over loaded again this week. This week you will find apricots, 3 or 4 different varieties, pluots, golden plums, a few white peaches (some need a little time on the counter to fully ripen) and some type of berry for your fruit fair fancy.  Veggies will include a red onion, garlic, beets OR white turnips, dill head and carrots. Greens this week will be kale. While summer crops are just starting to come on we will have a mix of other veggies as well. We also have some extra Napa cabbage.  If you get a “green” tomato in your basket, rest assured we weren’t just over eager to pick, they are RIPE!  These are heirloom tomatoes and come in many shades as you’ll find out over the summer season.

Look for a few extras this week in our box. We had a few zucchini get away from us and got a bit large, but you can stuff them, make zucchini bread or dry them into veggie chips.  Also we have a small box (7 lbs) of very ripe apricots.  These are great for making cobbler, fruit leather or freezing for smoothies, but need to be used up quickly. Napa cabbage and scallions as well will be in the mix.  A few bug holes, so they are ugly, but still very good to stir fry or chop up in salads. Take one extra item only please so others can benefit as well.


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