Week One of Summer Shares

It has begun!  Summer shares start today with plenty of sweetness.  Pluots, Apricots and berries!  The pluots are green on the outside and red on the inside.  They will keep on the counter for a few days and will keep up to two weeks in the frig. Rinse your berries, dry and store in the refrigerator as well, or better yet, eat them up quickly!  We are just in the beginning stages of apricots, so get out your recipe books and find some new ideas to use them up.  Of course you will find garlic in your basket.  It is garlic season and it’s so good for you.  Herbs this week are fennel and dill.  If herbs aren’t used during the week you can dry them in a food dehydrator or even in a very low temp oven to save for later in the season.  Our tomatoes are just starting to ripen, along with summer squash and a few of these will be in your share as well, along with greens and other veggies in season. We are adding a small amount of lettuce this week and then it will come to an end until later fall.  As the season goes, you will be finding heirloom tomatoes, squash and peppers of different colors.  If you are into adventurous cooking and want to increase your cookbook library, we suggest and love…love…love the book called “Plenty” by Yotam Ottolenghi.  EVERYTHING we have tried in this book has been excellent.  I think it will open up a new way of cooking for you!

Look for the pretty!  The onion scape is not only pretty, but very flavorful in salads, pastas or as a finishing touch for roasted veggies.  Just cut the flower tops off and sprinkle away.

Onion Scape

Toss Onion Scapes on top of Salads!

We will be adding some recipes this week to inspire your taste buds that you will be able to use throughout the summer season.

See you all later today between 4 pm and 7 pm!


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