Week Thirteen (last week) of Spring Shares

It’s hard to believe 13 weeks have flown so quickly bye.  This is the last week of our spring shares and those that are signed up for Summer Shares, mark your calender for June 11th for the first pick up for twelve weeks.  Please don’t forget to return your extra baskets today!

Queen Ann Cherries

Queen Ann Cherries



This is a very full and fabulous basket this week with lots of fragile produce.  A box may be a good idea this week to keep things from bumping and bruising.  Our baskets will be filled with sweet cherries, Queen Ann cherries (very tender and bruise easily), apricots, strawberries, cabbage, peas, green onions, greens (such as kale, chard or celery), turnips, oregano, artichokes and a mixed of odds and ends of veggies.  Also, we will have some extra pie cherries for those who want them…These are buggers to pick and they NEED to be sweetened. SO, if you aren’t interested in them, leave them for someone else.  Waste not, want not!

We want to thank everyone for being so wonderful this spring!  Picking up on time, being kind and courteous makes for a happy farmer!

Enjoy & Eat Seasonally~


Week Twelve of Spring Shares

Mod Podge Week!  The gardens are blooming abundantly with this spectacular May.  Peas are coming on strong and should be good for several more week to come.  Everyone’s baskets will be slightly different this week due to crops coming on at such different times, but what will find in your share this week for sure is apricots, cherries, strawberries, peas, a greens of some kind or another, herbs, plus a mix of different in season veggies, which may include ~ turnips, artichokes, tomatoes, garlic, squash, peppers, cauliflower, fava beans….It will be the pick of the draw, so if you have one of those in mind you may want to peek through your basket.

Next week (May 28th) is will be the end of our Spring Share with skipping one week and beginning Summer Shares June 11th lasting 12 weeks.  If you are part of the summer shares, the remainder of your balance will be due next week if you haven’t already done so.  Enjoy!IMG_2242

Week Eleven of Spring Shares

Time is flying!  Already in week Eleven with only two weeks remaining.  So what’s in this weeks shares?  Cabbage, greens (swiss chard or kale), lettuce, peas (snap & snow or shelling), green onions, garlic, strawberries, cherries and herbs (fennel, sage & rosemary).

Week Ten of Spring Shares

Holy Strawberries!  We picked a huge amount of Strawberries this morning.  If you have any extra containers for them, please bring them!!!!  IMG_2220Also this week we have spinach, peas, artichoke, hukurie turnip (we thought it was going to bolt, but thank goodness for great weather), mixed greens and herbs of oregano, chervil and mint (in with bag of greens to save bags) plus fresh garlic.

Next week, we will have Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage, Sweet Cherries, lettuce, shelling peas……