Week 3 of Fall Shares

Thank you everyone for picking shares up a day early!

We are doing something a little different with our baskets today! We are doing a build your own basket. So you will have 3 boxes of produce to pick from.

There is a basket half full.

The first box is a pick one. It has grapes, pears and peaches.

The second box is a pick 2. It has a variety of veggies & greens.

The third box is a pick 1. It has onions, peppers & eggplant.

What you will find already in the basket…

Delicada Squash


Red pears


Peppers (sweet gypsy & a jalapeño for flavor)




Sage – Fry with a little butter until crisp and put on top of your Delicada squash. It is delicious!!


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