Week Seven of Fall Shares

We so blessed to have rain that last few weeks!

It’s been a fun week with our new morning visitors. Turkeys! There are 13 that come into the orchard and hang out for 30 minutes or so.

This week we won the ugly carrot award. We planted in a new bed…..and the result was….ugly. But rather than wasting these “curvy girls” we put them into your baskets anyway. They taste great and are perfect for roasting with a little balsamic vinegar, olive oil and Italian herbs. Scrub a dub dub, they are a little dirty still because of the rainy morning they didn’t get cleaned well.

One more week to go before we take our rest for the winter season. This coming week we will be pulling much of our gardens out getting ready for winter crops and garlic. So, that being said there will be LOTS of extras for the last week.

Don’t forget, Chelsea (the little baker she is) has made some fresh seasonal muffins today!

Shares are open for the following season now.

This weeks shares:

Sweet potatoes

Bell Peppers



Small onions and shallots

Yellow onion

Cooking apples

Mustard greens

Winter Squash ~ This is a mixed bunch, so you get to pick what you want

Extras ~ hot peppers, bell peppers, green tomatoes, and a few other things. Take as much as you can use! There are lots of hot peppers!


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