Week 8 of Summer Shares

Hot Hot Hot! Boy, it’s hot out there.

Ya, we are celebrating the heat with a mix of HOT peppers! Time for making some salsa!

We have a lot going on here. Tory, our senior doe goat is due today, the pumpkin and winter squash patch is in full swing, weeds and all. The corn for fall shares is lookin’ pretty darn good. Many root crops have gone in the week. Yup, no rest in the shade with iced tea for us farming folk this week.

This week we have a extra odds and ends. A little this, a little that. When you come into the cool room you see a couple baskets with some mixed produce. Squash, eggplant, Chinese noodle beans and some fruit bags. Choose two items to add to your share.

What you will find in your shares this week:

Cherry tomatoes

Slicing tomatoes


Mix of hot peppers


Green beans (and a few purple)

Walla Walla onion





Herb pack (parsley, rosemary, tarragon)

New produce next week. Tomatillos, Elberta Peaches and patty pan squash.

Two more week of summer shares ending on August 9th. There is a two week break and then fall shares begin August 30th. We have a couple spots open for fall. We strive to have a different winter squash each week and this year we will have sweet corn!


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