2018 Shares Now Available

We are so excited to begin the growing season once again!  Shares for 2018 are now available.  This year we have some new and exciting things happening around the shop and garden.  We are increasing our growing as well as new organic food opportunities.  One of our new things this year is our weekly artisan bread share.  We will be offering more artisan cheeses, kombucha and more!  We will keep you updated!

All shares will be picked up at our shop, Ali’s Organics & Garden Supply.  We will be changing our time to make it a little easier for pick up by increasing the time by a few hours.  New pick up hours will be from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

We also would like our share holders to be sure to bring a basket this season to pick up their shares.  This way we don’t have to hound you for our baskets back!  We will be using wooden boxes, as we can stack them in our new “up and coming” cooling room this year.

Some things to look forward to this year in your shares.  This year our asparagus patches will be able to be picked for a longer season of at least three weeks rather than the one week.  There is nothing better than fresh cut asparagus!  Our strawberry patches have grown and we should have a larger abundance as well.  Possible ramps this year.  We have been waiting patiently for our patch to be harvested for three years now and this just might be our lucky year!

Last fall we included a recipe every week using produce that was in your share.  We thought this might help those that wasn’t to sure what to do with some of your produce.  This did take extra time and love, so PLEASE, if you loved it, give us feed back on weather you would like us to do it or not!

Now, get signed up on the shares tab (or click link below) and we will see this spring for the best season ever!  Thank you!

For shares click here


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