Three Weeks Till Spring Shares!

Today feels like spring!  Cruising through the garden smells nice, things are greening up, seeds popping through the soil, and finally a full day of sunshine!  We have two small additions to the farm, ducks!  These guys will help us keep the bugs at bay….Plus they are so dang cute! And of course Cody just loves to give these guys a bath! IMG_0313.jpg

Are you ready for some fresh produce?  We have a sneak peek of some veggies that will be in our first share~ Parsnips, leeks, lettuce, spinach, meyor lemon, kohlrabi and hopefully radishes!  And whatever else is available.

Remember our fist spring shares begin March 23rd.

If you would like a great way to clean your spring share greens, try a spinner.  We just got some really good spinners in stock. You can check them out here.

Also,  we are now a drop off point for Bar 10 Grass Fed Beef.  They deliver to our shop every other week.  Check them out for more info on the link above.

We will see you in just a few short weeks!


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