Week One of Summer Shares

Pick up Thursday, June 2nd, 2016.

And it begins!  Week one of summer shares and the heat!  Out with the cool season veggies, in with the warm!

We have a few spring veggies in the garden left from spring.  This will be the last of these guys till fall.  Peas and lettuce (we hope it doesn’t turn bitter overnight with this heat).

This weeks produce will include: Apricots, artichokes, cabbage, carrots, dill, lettuce, garlic, red onion, summer squash and a surprise dish of either cherry tomatoes, cherries, or strawberries. first come first serve on which one you get.

We have a challenge for all you lovely people. We would like to know how you use the produce week to week from your shares. What is a recipe you have found and tried, that you really love? It can be super simple as a favorite dip for carrots or complex as a 5 course meal (all though that will be a lot of typing on you part). We will still be posting a recipe for you to try, of some type of produce in the shares. But we want to hear from you. Perhaps if we get a lot of responses we will hold a contest, the favorite recipe wins a prize.


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