Week Seven of Summer Shares

The week (and weeks to come) of the Japanese Beetles!  NOT a nice bug!  I’m certainly not bug squeamish, but these buggers hang out on what looks like the best peach (and more than likely is) on the tree and when you go to grab it, buzzing and flying beetles everywhere.  I do squeal a little!  Anyway, as you may have figured out we have peaches in this weeks shares.  While these are my favorite peaches for eating, they are great grilled or made into a cobbler or crisp.  Also Asian Pears.  Wait for these round fruits to become a bit yellow for best flavor.   Most pears drop before ripe and have to picked in a green stage.  You’ll also find Glenora grapes, fingerling potatoes, cucumbers, basil, garlic chives, microgreens, arugula, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, summer squash, bell pepper shallots and some other finds.  This week we have put the produce in boxed flats so the peaches don’t get bumped and bruised.  If you take a box, please, please, please return as soon as possible.  We use these all the time!



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