No guilt before dinner snack

Cucumber roll upBread… Oh how I LOVE bread. If I had the option, I would probably eat an entire loaf everyday by myself. It is such a comfort food, just to grab a slice here and there, make a sandwich, a piece of toast, grilled cheese.  talk about carb overload. So while I was browsing through my fridge for a quick snack of somekind before dinner. I happened to look in my veggie drawer, there was a cucumber just waiting to be used. my hungry brain monster (that sounds a lot like cookie monster thanks to my little boy) was like “Mmmm crunchy…but me no want plain crunchy, me want other things with it.” and yes your mind did just read that in a cookie monster voice. So I give you the guilt free before dinner snack.

  • 1 cucumber
  • your choice of cheese
  • your choice of lunch meat
  • match stick carrots (optional)
  • avocado (optional)
  • thick ranch dressing (optional)
  • anthing else you like on a sandwich (optional)

take the cucumber, and using a vegetable peeler shave off thin layers that you can roll all your goodies up into. Lay out your cucumber shavings on a piece of parchment paper side by side. layer a piece of lunch meat, a little bit of homemade ranch dip, a thin slice of cheese, some avacado finely diiced, and three carrot sticks. plus anything else you might want. (just remember you still have to roll it up so dont go overboard). now comes the tricky part, roll everything as tightly as you can. stick toothpicks into the ends of each cucumber and all the way through to the other side to hold together. using a sharp knife slice apart each cucumber into individual roll ups. enjoy your guilt free snack.


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