Week Seven of Spring Shares

Spring in Southern Utah!  Hot one day and a freeze the next and lots of wind!  One thing is for sure and never seems to change is the winds here!  This past few days we have kept on eye out for extreme winds and I feel blessed that we don’t live on Foremaster Ridge, St. George! 70 mile wind gust!  If you like to watch the weather, you might want to add the ” Davis Instruments WeatherLink” mobile app to your phone.  We will soon be launched on this app with our own station as well.

Produce this week will have many mixes of greens including kale, radicchio, beet greens with baby beets and celery. S  Spinach, green onions, broccoli, lettuce and herbs (cilantro, dill, oregano, sage, rosemary & fennel).  We have some other onesie, twosie items that will be a mix in your share as well.  As usual, I will list a recipe for some of our produce later today…. I also did a post on our other blog, Out Standing in the Garden, on kale that includes a recipe for a blueberry smoothie if your interested HERE is the link for that.

This week I recruited a new gardener and farmer.  I think he is coming along nicely!


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