Week Six of Spring Shares

Week six buzzed in quickly this spring!  This weeks shares will include beets with beautiful beet greens.  Saute, steam, juice or chop those greens up into your salad.  Kale is also on the menu.  Have you ever made kale chips?  How about a beet and kale salad?  I’ll include recipe for the beet and kale salad later today.  You will also find young leeks, scallions, plenty of mixed lettuce greens, a nice mixed herb bundle and radishes.

Desert Sage CSA Shares

Beets, leeks, scallions, lettuce, radishes, kale, herbs,

Don’t forget to bring your baskets back each week and any egg cartons!  Also, as a reminder, last week we asked for small berry containers if you had any you don’t have a need for them, we would love to fill them!  We should be seeing strawberries in about two weeks.

Farm update ~ New babies arrived early Friday morning.  One doe, one buck.  Cute as a, well, baby goats!IMG_2104 IMG_2090


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