Week Two of Spring Shares

What a beautiful week we are having here!  Things are popping and blooming everywhere!  Week two is upon us and this is what is planned for you shares this week:  Green onions, lettuce and spinach mix, radishes, small cabbage or beets, mixed greens, pecans and herbs.

Other produce we have to look forward to in the next few weeks…..HOPEFULLY asparagus.  This will be our first year to harvest and we are seeing a few little heads just barely poking through.  They come on fast, but we don’t know what to expect!  So lets keep our fingers crossed for a great harvest!  At least one!!  Broccoli raab, turnips, leeks, spring onions, bok choy, cress, kohlrabi and other new greens.  Rhubarb and Peas are still about three weeks to a month out.  And of course as the season continues, our baskets will become more and more bountiful.


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