What’s in Week Nine?

November 13th, 2014

The weeks are whizzing by fast! We are already looking to week nine. Our shares for the ninth week will include our over abundant chard (but lovely), tender carrots, broccoli, pecans, persimmons, one new variety of winter squash and one old, tart deep red Wonderful Pomegranates, turnips, a mix of mild and hot peppers (last peppers of the season), a few tomatoes, lemon grass and ginger root. As the week continues we may add more to the list. Looking to roast peppers for the freezer? We will have an extra bag of ancho and Anaheim peppers available for share holders who would like to put them to use.


One thought on “What’s in Week Nine?

  1. I have enjoyed my share soooo much Ali! Thank you! My baskets have been loaded with so much good produce I get so excited to pick up every week. I’m sad we only have one more week. And Ginger root! That’s totally rad. My CSA ROCKS! and thanks to Ali’s husband…I know you must help!


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