What’s in Week One?

September 18th:

Week one of our fall Shares will be loaded.  These baskets will make you eat healthy, feel better and give you new inspiration…  We will include some great recipes we love and I’m sure they are something you haven’t tried!

Week one includes a mix of micro-greens.  These are loaded with flavor, nutrition and leaves you feeling good!  Add micro-greens to salads or sprinkle over a sandwich.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rinse these guys!  They always have a few seeds and dirt that sticks to them.

A mix of garden greens, the first this fall.  Tender butter-crunch lettuce and hardier romaine, spinach, and other tasty salad greens and of course some delish mixes of cherry tomatoes. Add your microgreens over the top if you wish!

Tomatoes, Onions, jalapeno.  Sounds like salsa time!
Tomatillos! Hey I have a great panini recipe to share with you later this week you could use your Tomatillos in.
Looks like you will get a mix of tomatoes, slicing and San Marzano. San Marzano tomatoes are great for making salsa, sauces or just slicing then drying and using them later in the winter for “Sun Dried Tomatoes” It’s easy! Just slice, dry in a food dehydrator or in a very low temp oven and when you want to use them, you can soak them in olive oil for 24 hours! They’re great!

Summer Squash will also be on the menu this week. Make zucchini bread, grill or saute!

Eggplant! Have you ever tried little fingers eggplant? It’s one of my favorites.

Looks like Melons!!!  Peaches!!!