The last week of summer shares

Today is our last week for the summer CSA shares and we can’t thank you enough for supporting us through this crazy 2020 summer.

If you have a 2020 fall share it will begin next Thursday, no break in between.

Last hurrah for summer baskets comes with






Green beans



Green onions

Please be sure to return any baskets or berry containers you make have so we can sanitize them and use them again for the next shares.

Extras! With the excessive heat the past week we ended up with a lot of split, sun scalded and well… not so pretty peppers, eggplant and tomatoes. They will still be great to cook, make salsa or whatever. We have a large basket full for your taking.

Week 9 of summer shares

Only 1 more week of summer shares left! And dang it’s hot. Hopefully we get some much needed rain soon and fall starts early.

For shares this week it is a loaded basket! And we do ask that if you have any of the berry cups or our baskets that you please return them

White peaches & yellow peaches


Green onions




Red tomatoes

Heirloom tomato

Cherry tomatoes


Red onion


Packed With Love! 💕

White peaches are on! We handle these delicate peaches so carefully because they bruise easily. Please please please handle them with as much love as we have! The color is not like regular peaches. They have a slight green yellow hue. They are ripe. Eat right away as they do not keep.

Week 8 of shares

Cutie with a cabbage

There is a small sample of peaches and figs available in the cool room and there will be more next week, as long as the birds don’t get them that is.

Also extras of plums just because there is soooo many still on the tree





Green onions



Red jalapeño

Green beans/okra/tomatillos or eggplant

Week 7 of summer shares

Cherry tomatoes

Blah! This heat! What happened to all the rain? Oh well, life keeps going and the garden is still growing. There is a bright side to it all. For the CSA shares today we have…..

Red tomatoes

Heirloom tomato ( the tomato that is a funny color like yellow or green is ripe I promise)




Assorted variety of peppers

Plums yay!


And a taste of fig

And a clam of shell of blackberries in the fridge don’t forget to grab one!!!!!


This year fruit ripening and production has been a little different. We didn’t have the apricots that we usually do in an over abundance, but PLUMS, as you know have been very abundant. Remember, plums can be used in cobblers, pies, smoothies and even chutney.

Birds are crazy for the grapes. We hope they will share something this year!

Figs have been here and there, but looks like the crop coming will be good. We have talked to several fig growers here in the valley that are experiencing the same thing. Fig trees died back more then normal and got a late start because of it. This is more than likely due to the very early, unexpected hard freeze we had in Mid-October. The fig trees never had a chance to adjust to cooler weather, which helps the sap store in the roots for winter.

White peaches should be on in the next week or two, followed by Queen and Early Elberta, and others.

So, all that being said, while this year is very different for fruit, other crops are great such as tomatoes. Farming/gardening is definitely very different from year to year and we NEVER know what to expect.

Week 6 of summer shares

Summer monsoon FINALLY!

Oh! that little drizzle of rain we had was just heavenly both in smell and feeling. Although it sure made it incredibly humid when I was out picking green beans in the garden! I really hope we get more really soon though

For shares this week it we have made the (almost) ultimate salsa basket

Lots of tomatoes

Lots of cucumbers

Red onion


Kale or Swiss chard

Salad turnips


Oh and cherry tomatoes

Happy gardening everyone!

Week 5 summer 2020 shares….. dun! dun! dun!

Seriously though it feels like every month we have had some new drama unfolding this year! Let’s hope the rest of 2020 is smooth sailing and happy gardening.

CSA baskets this week are pretty loaded…. we have for your culinary delight

Fingerlings potatoes

Red tomatoes




Summer squash

Yellow and purple plums

Sweet pepper

Happy cooking! happy gardening!

Week 4 summer CSA shares

I feel Like the summer monsoon has forgotten to come this year. I mean come on, where is the rain and thunderstorms we usually have about now? Oh well I’m sure it will show up late like spring did.

For your baskets today we have a very heavy assortment of garden classics

LOTS of cucumbers

Big tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Yellow plums ( very delicious and delicate)

Green beans

Bagel peaches ( I suggest you eat those today they bruise super easy)

And there is a EXTRA’s basket with lots of squash. Ugly tomatoes and a few peaches

Beef stake tomato and cutest little girl