Week 5 of Summer Shares

One good thing about summer is we start getting more and more fruit! These beautiful berries are currants.

What you will find it this week’s basket…..





Summer Squash





Currants (as an option if you would like them)

Week 4 of Summer Shares

So we had a cute little apricot thief helping today! So helpful she didn’t eat them all!!! Ha ha ha!

What you will find in your basket this week…..



Cucumbers or summer squash




Gypsy pepper


We also have some extra hot peppers for you to grab!

Week 3 of summer shares

Picture perfect

Hot hot baby! This heat wave, my goodness is it intense. I was hoping that June would be the monsoon month. With lots of summer thunderstorms and some much needed rain. Oh well, we will cross our fingers and pray that July will be the month of rain. The garden sure needs it.

So with shares today, it is a lovely basket with some repeats, staple items, and some new.

Apricots are very tender so please handle with care. Unless your making apricot ice cream than pound those suckers to a pulp!

Shishito peppers are really good roasted and added to a dish (or just eaten as is) they have a very nice flavor.

Shishito peppers


Purple potatoes ( make purple mashed potatoes!)





Week 2 of summer shares 2021

Lots of goodies this week. And a few new items like the loquat. It has 2 seeds a little bigger than a cherry pit and it tastes like a soft plum and a apricot had a baby with the skin of a tomato……ok….ya. Reading back back through that makes it sound pretty gross. It’s really not though, I promise! it’s just, an interesting….everything? Texture, flavor, look? How about this. Try and then tell me how you would describe it.

So for this week we have:




Purple potatoes




Peppers (either hot or sweet)

Week 1 of summer 2021 shares

Farm life

It’s the first day day of summer shares and the first day (of almost summer) to reach 100*! Let’s pray that we get some rain soon to help with the drought.

It’s a great basket we have planned for you this week. With greens, fruits, veggies and the first tomato’s of the year, yay!

Basket includes……. drum roll please……

Scarlet kale







Week 8 the finale of spring 2021 shares


First off, thank you so much for all your support for our Spring CSA season. We really love having you come, say hi, and hearing about the fun recipes you enjoy creating with our produce.

We are going to end the season with a lovely, full, colorful basket that includes:

Fresh pulled garlic








God bless you all and we hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer.

Reminder we will start summer shares up June 3 so be sure to mark your calendars.

Week 7 of spring shares

May strawberries

I have a love hate relation with southern Utah. ( I am a native born and breed here too) There are days I am so grateful to live in this beautiful area. With our unique landscape, adventure opportunities, and where we can grow so many things a lot sooner than a lot of other areas can…… But on the other hand we have some pretty extreme wind and heat and pests to contend with! Oh well, appreciate the good, deal with the bad, take everything one day at a time and life will go on.

For your baskets this week we are splurging a little, with some first if the season items and a couple repeats.

We hope you have enjoyed your baskets so far, we only have one basket left in the spring season, before we make the heavy transition to summer garden.

Garlic scapes



Herb bag; dill, rosemary, cilantro


Hakurei salad turnip




And if I forgot to list something it will be a surprise for you

Garlic Scapes in White Wine

Garlic scapes season is an abundant one. But there is only so much scape pesto, steamed scapes, roasted scapes, grilled scapes, sautéed scapes, scape salad dressing…You get the idea…A person can eat! I love the curly wonders of these delicious plant creatures, and ponder what else…. what else can I create.

Turban Garlic Scape

For those who don’t struggle with the issue of scape mania, consider growing your own garlic to join the fun. You can also often find scapes for sell at your local farmers markets or CSA shares.

Here is another great way to salivate over garlic scapes.

2 tablespoons olive oil

1/2 pound garlic scapes, copped into 3-5 inch pieces

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1/2 cup dry white wine

1. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the scapes and sauté, stirring often, until the scapes are bright green, 3 to 5 minutes. Season generously with salt and pepper, then add half the wine and immediately cover. Let the scapes cook, stirring occasionally, until tender, 5 to 8 minutes.

2. Once the scapes are tender, remove the lid and turn up the heat. Cook, stirring Constantly, until the scapes brown slightly and add the remaining wine till it is evaporated. The sugars in the scapes may caramelize a little this is a good thing, so keep stirring. Serve hot.

Week 6 of spring shares 2021


That little 1/2 inch of rain we got at the beginning of the week sure was nice. I just wish it was about 3 times that amount!

On the garlic scapes if your not sure what to do with them here is some ideas…..

Grill then with other veggies

Make them into a pesto

Substitute for actual garlic

Chop, Freeze,and use in soups

If you don’t want them, let us know and we will gladly use them ourselves


Garlic scapes


Red cabbage



Fresh pulled pearl onions -you can cut the tops and let them dry out or use the whole thing from greens to bulb