Fall Shares Start August 26th!

Fall shares are here already! Those that are new to us don’t forget to bring a basket to transfer your fruits and veggies in! Pick up is between 2 and 6 pm. Fall shares run for 8 weeks.

Spring and summer shares are open for 2022 season now.

For the first week of fall shares we will have corn! It’s on and it’s sweet and delicious! Peaches! White and red. And you will have an option of rhubarb! Take it if you will use it, please leave it if you won’t. Of course there will be other items in the basket!! We will see you all soon!


2 thoughts on “Fall Shares Start August 26th!

    • Yes spring 2022 can be purchased. We have changed the date soooo many times and it keeps jumping back for some reason. Hopefully it will be correct now. Sorry for that b


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