It’s Almost time for Summer Shares

Time is flying! We finished with Spring Shares last week, we are off this week for garden prep, planting and planning. Next week, June 18th our summer shares will begin! Summer squash is coming on beautifully! Green Beans, onions, apricots and a few tomatoes will be in the first basket! We love summer!

Please remember to mark your calendars and pickup is between 2 and 6 pm. As much as we would love to have shares ready at 6 am (haha) we just can’t manage. If pick up days or times don’t work for you, please have someone pick up for you and let us know so we know who to be on the look out for!

We would like to thank everyone of our past and present share holders for all your support and kindness! We feel so loved and appreciated! Please feel our love and appreciation back ten fold!


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