Week Five of Fall Shares

Here we are, already at week five. Only three weeks to go before we rest for the winter. Ahh, rest!? Well, at least we slow up, plan next years season and plant garlic, cover crops and build the high tunnel for winter crops. We won’t be doing winter baskets, but we will have winter crops available throughout the winter months to tie you over till spring shares. We have had several request to open our shares for next season…. With having a little more growing space and man (haha! Women) hands, we decided to go ahead an post next years shares. Also, next year we will have an online order form to place egg, cheese, artisan bread, chicken and grass fed beef orders for you when you come to pickup your baskets at the dates you request.

Ok, we are making another plead for baskets! Please! If you have any laying around, we need them. We don’t have enough for our shares. Thanks for you help with this!

Here is what is in your shares today:


Bell Peppers


Ginger Gold Apples

Red Pears (they will bruise easily, handle with care)

1/4 Banana Squash

Fairtime Peaches (these are a firm peach)

Sweet Potatoes

And Extras


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