Peas, Broccoli, Garlic and Strawberries!

This week the gardens are going through some major transitions. Several of our early spring crops like spinach, arugula and lettuce are bolting with the heat. Out they go and in with the new! Change is welcome, but tender greens will be missed as the weeks go by. Broccoli will be ready this week as well as the shelling peas, garlic and strawberries. Yay! The first of the fruit! The cherries are just starting to get the slightest of color change. With any luck, they will be in spring Shares.

A quick note~ we are looking for some old fashioned wood frame windows with the glass. If anyone has some floating around and want to trade for some extra produce, we’d love to make a deal! We are looking to build a protected area for our transplants with them.


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