Week Six of Spring Shares

April 28th, 2016

Last week wind, this week hail!  Oh hail!  Most of our tender head lettuces were destroyed in Mondays hail storm, while the rest of the veggies survived they look a little bruised, beat and holey.  So maybe the term should be “holey hail”!  But once again, we survived the odds and the garden grows on!

This week we have a bag of microgreens.  If this is new to you, be sure to rinse in a colander.  Top these nutrient dense babies on top of salads or sandwiches.  They are nutritious and delicious.  Another odd ball this week is garlic scapes.  Before you pooh pooh (as my mother would say) the idea of using them, give them a try.  They can be made into pesto, or you can saute them just as you would garlic or onions for a super taste.  Use the whole thing!  You can also grill or broil them with a little salt and olive oil.  Our share holders have grown to love garlic scapes and look forward to them in the spring.  Also, you will find a bag of spinach.  To our dismay, the spinach has some holes in them from the hail, but it is perfectly fine to eat fresh, or cooked.  Waste not, want not.  The herb this week is chives.  You’ll find a chive flower in the herb bag as well.  Pull the little flowers off and toss them over your salad for a nice peppery taste.  Magenta head lettuce, loose leaf lettuce, shallot and broccollete are all a part of shares this week.


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