Spring Shares Soon Start!

With just a little over three weeks (June 24th), our Spring Shares begin once again!  We have been busy planting by seeds and transplants, filling in every little space we can with healthy spring veggies.  We have a few sneak peeks of some things that will be in our first baskets.  Leeks will definitely be ready.  They are looking great!  A mix of spring greens, lettuce, green onions and hopefully peas and spinach!   Cilantro of course!

Don’t forget to check back here the week of shares to get a good idea of what will be filling your Spring Share.  We don’t always know until the week of harvest.  You know, we work with mother nature and she ultimately decides!

What’s been happening beyond the vegetable garden;  This past Saturday we had the arrival of our first baby goats for the season.  Tory, the mamma did a great job!  She had 4 kids.  Two bucks, two does.  Dang they are so cute!  Milking chores and feeding is back in swing.  Ariel our other doe is due in April.   New baby chicks this week as well and our yearling chickens have begun to lay like crazy birds.  One of those girls are working overtime giving us two eggs a day.  That isn’t normal!  Blossoms are popping everywhere…We really hope there won’t be a hard freeze.  Everything is greening up and looking like spring.  IMG_2822.jpg

And March begins!  Where did winter go?  Or did we even have one?  As much planning and scheduling for plant maturity we never know what will happen with winter.  We have a few things that are ready to harvest this week and next already, due to the very warm February.  A flash back of last year.  All we can do is roll with it.  Napa Cabbage (a loose head cabbage) is ready this week.  If any of our spring share holders are driving by and want to incorporate Napa Cabbage in their meals, stop by and we’ll harvest some for you.


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