Week Two of Fall Shares

Pick-up September 10th

Beautiful days!  Don’t you just love when the temperatures are cooler in the mornings and evenings and you can stand outside for more a than a mere minute without roasting!

Speaking of Roasting….. Fire up that grill!  We have lots of roasting peppers for you.  Anaheim, Big Jim, Ancho and Holy Mole.  Either on a gas stove top or barbeque, blacken the skin of these peppers, Then pop them into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap or a cover of some sorts until cooled enough to touch.  Rub off the skin.  These freeze nice for later use.  Great for chile rellenos, or diced up for flavoring Mexican dishes.

Fresh, raw pistachios ~ we did spend a large amount of time hulling these delicious treats.  Leave behind, if you don’t care for this nut.  They are very time consuming.  If you aren’t eating these right away, lay them out to dry or if you prefer to salt them, boil in very salty water, drain and place on a cooking sheet flat, cook at 200 degrees until there is no more moisture.  2-4 hours.

What else?  Spaghetti squash, heirloom tomatoes, yellow jelly bean tomatoes, microgreens, butterhead lettuce, green beans, cucumbers and summer squash.

We are finished harvesting and packing your produce, so if you feel like picking up early, feel free!


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