Week Eight of Summer Shares

Desert Sage Week Eight Share

Desert Sage CSA Week Eight Share

What a busy week we have had once again.  Lettuce galore for fall shares have been going in the ground. Yes in July!  Cabbage, cauliflower, napa cabbage, kale, turnips, beets, carrots, savoy cabbage and so many other things are getting set in the ground this week as well.  It’s hard to believe in just a few days it’s August with four shares left to go.

We have been putting shares in stack-able boxes lately.  These make it much easier for use and seems to help with not squishing our fruit.  Please return these..  Yes, they are just a cardboard box, but it does take more time to gather them if we run out.  Thanks for you help with this!

So what’s in this weeks shares?  Asian Pears.  Let these get a slight yellow hue for best flavor.  A few apples, cucumbers, walla walla onions, peppers – both bell and hot, tomatoes, grapes, garlic, napa cabbage OR Asian greens, pea shoots, rosemary and  other mix of veggies.

If you are wondering what to do with pea shoots, just add them sandwiches, top a salad or steamed vegetables.  If you don’t know how good rosemary is for you we’ll share some information!  Rosemary improves digestion, enhances memory and concentration (could use that!), is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, neurological protection, helps prevent brain aging, good for eye health and protection against macular degeneration.  Now!  If that doesn’t motivate you to use your rosemary, I don’t know what would!!  So you don’t use it all…Dry it.  Just leave it out hanging or on a clean paper towel until dry, then strip the leaves off and store for winter use.

Next week we will have microgreens again.  We grow extras for those who would like more than what’s in their share.  We are hoping for green beans, but honestly, we are having a hard time guessing what plants and crops want to do this year!  Also, okra is just around the corner (a week or two), so find some delicious recipes.  It really isn’t just a nasty slimy vegetable if prepared correctly.

Update on fall shares.  We have a few left, but our Thanksgiving baskets are fulfilled.  Fall shares include many winter squash varieties, pumpkins, greens, root crops and other savory veggies.  Fall is our favorite time of the year.  Perhaps it’s because it cooler, but the vegetables are totally amazing to cook with!

See ya’ll later today!


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