Week Five of Summer Shares

Wow!  What a reprieve we have had this week with cooler weather!  112 degrees is just a little hard to keep a happy face on in the garden!

I want to thank Kira for posting these delicious recipes that go along with baskets each week.  Thanks Kira!   Also a thanks to both Kira and Chelsea for helping harvest and pack your produce!

This weeks shares will include heirloom tomatoes ~ green, red and orange, a mix of cherry tomatoes, a red onion, cucumbers, bell peppers, Santa Rosa plums, strawberries, bagel peaches, greens and other various veggies.   You will also find a bag of micro greens. Micro-greens are grown to the first leaf stage and in rich soil which makes them a power house of nutrients. Use these as a salad, on salads, sandwiches or sprinkled over veggie dishes of any kind.  They are extremely good for you, plus they are fabulous!  We have extra micro-greens this week for $7 a bag if anyone wants.  These usually sell for $12-$15 a bag.  We also have plenty of extra eggs this week as well.

We are running low on baskets this week…So don’t forget to bring any you may have laying around please!

Also!!!!  Thursdays are really busy here.  Please use my cell number (on your intro letter) to leave a message or preferably a text.  We will get back with you as soon as we have a minute!

Whats happening here ~

This week we have been busy getting ready for fall shares.  Already! Planting like crazy.   Baby seedlings of broccoli, cabbage, napa cabbage, head lettuce, leeks and parsnips.  Planting never stops!

Peach crops are the next available fruit that will be coming on in to next few weeks.


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