Week Four of Summer Shares


White Queen Tomato

Another full and tasty week.  Apricots!  We love the sweet/tart taste of apricots and sadly this will be the last week for them in our shares, so enjoy while they last!  We have a delightful apricot tart recipe you may want to try and we will post later this week.  Bagel Peaches are starting to soften and the birds are like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  It’s a little scary out there!  But, by the end of the day we should have them covered and protected ~ The peaches, not the birds! These tender babies need to be picked a bit firm, so let them become slightly softened on the counter for a day or two for best flavor.  They do bruise easily so be very gentle when picking up today and place them on the top of your transfer basket or they will surely squish!  

We are also hoping for an abundant picking of tomatillos.  These have a paper-like husk on them that need to be removed.  Use these in salad dressings, salsas or roast them with other veggies.  Heirloom tomatoes are starting to ripen.  These are amazing and I think are best raw!  But, who is to say.  Please!  Don’t waste these!  Some years they produce great and others not so great.  So treat them like gold, because they are!  If you happen to get a creamy white tomato (see picture above), it is ripe!  And yes, they taste like a tomato!  We will add more garlic and some lavender this week so you can try the lavender garlic paste Kira listed earlier.  This is amazing with carrots, but any cooked vegetable can be used.  Squash will more than likely once again be in your findings.  Get creative!  Look for ~ Cucumber, green onions  pepper, greens of one type or another and basil. 

Baskets will be early this week due the holiday.  So we should be finished by noon.

~Stay cool and stay hydrated!   See ya’ll later today!


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